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Spiritual Healing Coaching Program

When you begin your healing soul and life coaching with me, you will go through a life changing experience unlike any other. How can I say that with confidence? Because I design a protocol that is specific to YOU and only YOU as such no two people will ever receive the same protocol.

Readings and healings are unique per client and whatever comes through comes through. We are the vessels and read intuitively while being Divinely guided.
You can expect honesty which sometimes is brutally honest, but always professional. You will not be told what you WANT to hear as the messages received are Divine and what is meant to be told at the moment is what comes through.

  • 1hr session a week working at slow pace or one item at a time.

  • No check-in

  • 3 hour sessions

  • 1 hour check-in

  • Access to me as needed, even on weekends

  • More intense than other packages and results are seen within first two weeks, if you do everything as instructed and all homework etc

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