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Heal Your Soul

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Coaching is a unique coaching style that is true soul work where I use my intuitive gifts to help you on your healing journey. 

Mind Body Heart and Soul Healing Coaching includes:

“It’s ok to have high standards for yourself as long as you remember not everyone is on your level. This does not make you better. It shows you everyone works at the level they’re capable of in their season.” – Angie

What You Learn

You’re taught:
  • How to set your boundaries
  • Respect yourself
  • use your words properly
  • deep breathing exercises
  • meditation
  • saying no
  • saying yes
  • to stop apologizing and people pleasing,
  • learn my release and refill
  • the art of manifesting properly
  • removing toxic from your life
  • trusting yourself

These are just some things that you will learn in my tribe. 

Back in August 2019, I felt like I was hitting rock bottom. I was a 49 year old mom to a teenage daughter, 2-times divorced, social alcoholic, repeater of toxic patterns. I wanted to be a better person for me and my daughter. It was then that I hired Angie as my life coach. We had our weekly sessions, in addition to our weekly check-ins. I'll admit, there were times I wanted to quit. Mainly because I was afraid of change; however, I stuck with it. Angie was there for me when I needed her. She is truly gifted in what she does. A year and 5 months later...I am more grounded. I use discernment. I have cut down on my drinking tremendously. I have built up my self confidence. I have a better relationship with my daughter. I am breaking toxic patterns. I am loving me!

I highly recommend Angie if you are looking to change your life for the better. I am proof that she knows what she is doing.
Tonya W.
Carmel, IN

Open Yourself Up

As you begin to open yourself up, your intuitive gifts will begin to reveal themselves more and I will help you navigate through this as well, if you wish.
Your gut is a powerful tool that so many ignore! 
The goal is to use the tools I provide you so you heal, become who you truly are, and awaken your soul to your true purpose. 

I don’t want clients for years and years and years. 

This is not talk therapy. This is Soul Work Boot Camp and it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. 
You WILL see results beginning the first 4-8 weeks. Every 4 weeks brings milestones and spiritual awakenings raising your vibrational level and releasing what no longer serves you. 
By 5-7 months, if you’re doing the work, we will reach your soul’s roots and this is where the full healing begins. 
I’ve done it and I continue doing it to maintain my wellness. 
 Your mind, body, heart, and soul are the true connection to wellness. 
You can’t quit when it gets hard. You dig deeper and lean on me to help you get stronger so you need me less in the future. 
I am your coach and we are a team! You do the work and I coach you through every step of the way! 
You want your world to change? Allow the change within you to begin.

How It Works

Join Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Coaching for a deep soul healing.

Our First session is the longest being a 2-3 hour get to know you, assess your needs and healing while designing a personalized protocol for you. 

All sessions after will be 2 hours in length unless working on something more in-depth and that will be planned out accordingly. 

These are prepaid sessions done by phone, FaceTime, or in person with set day and time each week. (in person within a 10 mile radius is no travel charge. I come to you or you meet me. Over 10 miles is additional fees depending on tolls, miles, in Florida only) 


Choose Your Package

$444 A Month

1 hour session a week at your decided upon day and time.

1 Checkin a week included in price

$888 A Month

2 hour session a week at your decided upon day and time.

1 Checkin a week included in price

There are different phases to healing. I have broken down the phases into manageable and important milestones. Each phase is unique to as to what is accomplished within that time.

After each phase is completed you will have 2-3 weeks off.

*Payment Plans are available. Just Contact Me so that w can set something up. I don’t want finances to get in the way of your healing*


Within the first 4 months we will be working on removing your heart wall, and raising your vibration.

This phase can be repeated up 3 times depending on how hurt your soul is.

Soul Roots

The Soul Roots is the 3 months following the completion of the Breakaway phase. 


The following 5 months is breaking through to finally feeling free of the weight and hurt. Its where all of your hard work truly shines through. 

Discovering You

The follow 6 months is the time to truly get to know who you are at your core. Your soul has healed from past trauma, enough to allow you to learn more about yourself.

Tune Ups

Tune ups are as needed, any time that you feel that they are needed. These are done hourly, at my hourly rate of $111.

****Serious clients only****

Please fill out the Questionnaire below to Get Started with the Coaching Program.

You will have a consultation call with me to verify that we’re a good fit and you understand my coaching style. 

This is a free consult of 30 mins.