Extreme Bootcamp Coaching

6 months of soul healing coaching in an INTENSE 8 week program.

This short coaching program is not for everyone and is pre approved as previous coaching and an understanding of basics are needed to handle the intensity of this program.

The Extreme Bootcamp Coaching program was designed to focus on healing from a person, place, thing, or series of lifetime events to clear the way for moving forward with clarity and peace within the soul.

This coaching program is included in the Soul Healing Coaching program and is incorporated at the appropriate time per client within that program.

The intensity of this style of coaching is divinely unique and tailored to each client individually.

It is also not for the faint of heart, hence the name of the program.

What to Expect

Extreme Bootcamp Coaching is one weekly session for 8 weeks with one check in per week, along with as needed calls or texts during Spiritual Awakenings and Breakthroughs.

The first two weeks consist of (2) 2.5 hour sessions designing your 6 week boot camp Release & Refill. You will also be given some simple soul goals that will assist you while doing this style of coaching.

You need to have an intermediate to advanced understanding of grounding, boundaries, breathwork, meditation, spiritual awakenings, and all things spiritual for this to work.

For the remaining 6 weeks, each session will be a max of 2 hours as we check in and change how you do the R&R.  We also will focus on self care and meditation during each session.

During this intense program, I will be available to you as needed to assist you through the awakenings and breakthroughs.

You will experience Spiritual Awakenings while doing this program.  And, sometimes they are back to back due to the intensity. This is normal and I am here to help you through it. 

It is strongly advised that you do not attempt other soul work while doing this program, unless instructed to by me. The reason for this is listening to someone else while doing this depth of soul work can be confusing and cause you to not be able to finish in the 6 week timeframe.   

If you are interested in doing this program, answer the questionnaire below and I will be in contact with you. 

Your Investment

$2,220 for 8 week program

8 weekly sessions with a weekly check in.

I am also available with this program as needed during Spiritual Awakenings, challenges, and obstacles that may arise as you release what no longer serves you.

No refunds.

A no show for a scheduled appointment will result in a $45 fee.

This is an 8 week commitment that will produce the results you are desiring as long as you follow the protocol designed for you.

****Serious clients only****